Monash University and Australia’s The Alfred Hospital is now working together to create an artificial intelligence-based “Superbug” detection system that aims to diagnose, prevent, and better treatment. “Superbugs” are mutated forms of bacterium and viruses with no known treatments and lead to massive annual deaths in statistics.(Photo : (Photo by […]

AstraZeneca and Oxford University claim that late-stage trial results of their COVID-19 vaccine candidate show that it is highly effective against coronavirus without any severe cases or hospitalizations reported. These results are based on interim analysis of trials done in Brazil and the U.K. of the vaccine that Oxford University developed and […]

A dosage error by researchers on the AstraZeneca-Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine trial has surprisingly led towards a huge boost in the expected success rate. This mistake was revealed by the pharmaceutical company’s very own vice president. The researchers administered the wrong dosage According to the head of AstraZeneca’s own biopharmaceutical […]

Certain researchers at the known Murdoch Children’s Research Institute have recently become successful in using new cutting-edge technology for them to bioprint certain miniature human kidneys inside their laboratory. The researchers now believe that their study will pave the way for future kidney failure treatments and also potentially for the […]