Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On March 13, a ceremony was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hand over the donation raised by the ‘Aid from the Heart to our Eternal Neighbor’ campaign mounted by the Government of Mongolia to support the fight against COVID-19 outbreak. Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Tsogtbaatar, […]

To give birth to a son is to have offspring. In ancient times, a woman who bore a son was revered. The woman who gave birth to three sons was honored, honored, and empowered. The boys are special. Because “a man grows up, he does not feel well” and, at […]

1.Hair combing Sitting behind a computer all day can cause severe headaches and headaches. A very simple way to relax the facial muscles and improve circulation in the head is to keep your hair combed for 10-15 minutes. 2.Ice cream A delicious meal is a refreshing anti-depressant. Foods that are […]

October is celebrated annually as the month to fight breast cancer worldwide. This is October 13, today without a breast. Researchers say that there are conditions that can result from breast cancer. So our kids spend a single day without a breast to fight breast cancer. One study found that regular use of bra bra was very bad and absorbed much of the sun‘s rays, which could cause breast cancer. Also, some foods may be good for preventing cancer. Modifying the menu you eat everyday can help prevent this scary disease. Do not worry, because these products are offered to you by a wide range of stores and supermarkets. Fish Tuna and salmon have the best effects on breast cancer. Both types of fish contain high levels of omega 3s.  has been shown to reduce the growth rate of […]