‘Bogd Khaan 150: Literary Heritage’ exhibition opened at the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum today and will run until 25 October. To mark the 150th anniversary of birth of His Holiness the 8th Jebtsundamba Khutughtu, an academic conference under the auspices of President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga will take place on 11-12 […]

A 21-year-old Mongolian student from Kookmin University in South Korea has been selected to be the face of Gillette, the famous men’s shaving brand. Z.Chinguun topped models and online celebrities from 30 counties who competed for the selection. The first Gillette “adventure” starring Z.Chinguun was viewed 1.8 million on Youtube […]

The “Horses of Mongolian Steppe” Festival will be held in Batnorov Soum in Khentii Province on 1-3 November. It is one of many promotional events for supporting tourism sector and passing on Mongolia’s horse culture to future generations. Over 30 tourism events are planned to be organized this year. Mongolia […]

Thunderz is one of the most famous Mongolian rappers. But, Thunderz, whose real name is B.Ulzii-Uchral, stands out from other rappers for his positive influence on young people. For example, he released songs entitled ‘Let’s not quarrel’, ‘Would you accept me for who I am?’ ‘We will die once’; these […]

Mongolia’s biggest ger theatre has been opened at the Sky Resort. Located where Ulaanbaatar meets the countryside, the ger theatre is equal in height to a three-storey building. The structure has been constructed within five months.  The building has a reception area, a concert hall, artists’ rooms and rest rooms […]

Mongolia’s pop diva T.Ariunaa performed an amazing concert entitled ‘Be Like Sky’ on Friday (8 November). Over 10,000 people gathered at the Buyant-Ukhaa concert hall to sing their favourite songs together with T.Ariunaa.  It has been 10 years, since T.Ariunaa performed her ‘Amazing Night’ concert in 2009. Her first album […]

B.Lkhamsuren from Erdenet has been crowned at the Miss Wheelchair Mongolia pageant. The event was held for the second time at the Holiday Inn Hotel on 22 November. Over 20 women, aged between 24 and 35 took part. participated in the pageant. B.Lkhamsuren’s favourite quote is ‘everything will be succeed […]

A Mongolian movie based on a novel entitled ‘Blue Fate’ by state-honoured author D.Norov premiered at the 41st Florence International Film Festival. The festival was held on 20-25 November. A.Bayartsetseg was awarded as Best Actress at the festival for her role in ‘Blue Fate’, which was co-directed by T.Altantuya and her […]

Karakorum was the capital of the Mongol Empire between 1235 and 1260 and of the Northern Yuan in the 14–15th centuries. Its ruins lie in the northwestern corner of the Övörkhangai Province of Mongolia, near today’s town of Kharkhorin and adjacent to the Erdene Zuu Monastery. Once visited by Marco […]

The technique of making Airag in Khokhuur and its associated customs is the 15th element to be registered by Mongolia on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This new addition includes the traditional method of making airag – a fermented beverage made from mare’s milk […]