LOOK: Blanc Mask’s Futuristic Full Face Mask Conceals Your Identity—Daft Punk or PUBG Cosplay?

Futuristic looking Blanc Mask is looking to release a full face mask anytime soon from a Kickstarter project that provides overall protection for the eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks, that can also be used against COVID-19. The full face mask protective covering also incorporates culture and design with magnetic attachments that can be swapped for other moods or colors.

Blanc Face Mask

(Photo : Blanc Kickstarter via Screenshot)

No, this new technology device is not a robot cosplay as it offers users more protection than an individual imagines, with its creators envisioning a form of stylish full face mask that can complement any fashion as well. A company that calls themselves “Blanc” has released the new full face mask that filters air coming in the nose and mouth with FDA-rated HEPA Filters. 

Blanc Offers Full Face Mask with Massive Functionality and Style

The new device keeps the face concealed with no trace or even the slightest recognition of a person’s identity to be seen or identified through the full face mask. Blanc calls their face covering “A Thousand Masks in One,” offering overall protection that can instantly change its look with another faceplate to complement a user’s style.

Blanc Face Mask

(Photo : Blanc Kickstarter via Screenshot)

The prototypes show a promising addition to style that also provides technology and protection against harmful substances and other hazards that the human face may encounter at any time. Riding open-top vehicles like cars and city tour buses will not graze the face with particles that may enter the eyes, nose, or mouth. 

Blanc’s full-face mask is said to filter 99.99 percent of the particles that would enter the different areas of the mask for ventilation, lined with HEPA, also known as high-efficiency particulate air. The mask also promises to adapt to a person’s facial structure, giving a secure and comfortable fit for a human face’s shape or unique characteristics.

Blanc Face Mask

(Photo : Blanc Kickstarter via Screenshot)

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Blanc Full Face Mask Kickstarter and Funding for Creation

The Blanc company posted a Kickstarter Funding project for the design, progression, and creation of the company’s new full-face mask. The company’s venture seems to be loved and got people interested as its $20,000 goal exceeded to a massive total of $250,000 with 37 days left on its listing.

Blanc Face Mask

(Photo : Blanc Kickstarter via Screenshot)

The designers and engineers have worked together to design the mask and give the public a new option, style, and protection when going in public spaces. The design conceals the identity and provides a shade to the eyes with its filtered lenses for a person’s line of sight. 

The “faceless robot” mask resembles a popular music group called “Daft Punk,” which specializes in electronic music and songs that collaborates with big names in the industry. The duo was formed in 1993 in their home country of Paris, France. Additionally, the face mask resembles a head accessory from the popular battle royale shooter game, “Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds” or PUBG.

The mask is already available for preorder on its Kickstarter project for the starting price of $79 that can ship anywhere in the world. 


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