Google Earth Will Now Track Santa Claus This Christmas

Google Earth will Now Track Santa Claus This Christmas  ( Screenshot From Google Earth Blog YouTube )

Just like what Google has been doing for the last four years, the company will be bringing cheer to all by mapping Santa Claus’ trek this year coming from the North Pole towards rooftops all around the world over on Christmas Eve. This year, all of the good boys and girls will be able to track their own gifts through their mobile phones as well as Twitter!

Where is Santa Claus?

Even Santa Claus has gotten digital! According to an article by CNet, Starting at exactly 3AM PST over on Wednesday, a Google Map along with Santa’s current location will be shown on the known NORAD Santa Website which will be operated by both Google as well as North American Aerospace Defense Command.

Santa fans will be able to track his current moments in 3D over in Google Earth by downloading a particularly special NORAD Tracks Santa KML. The iGoogle users will be able to add the NORAD Tracks Santa Gadget to their own iGoogle page.

How to track Santa Claus?

Google will also reportedly be displaying a certain high-resolution video called the “Santa Cam” of the new gift-laden airborne sleigh. For locations that do not have videos, there will be photos coming from Panoramio that will be displayed in Google Maps.

For the very first time, people will be able to track Santa Claus’ journey on their mobile phones through the use of Google Maps for Mobile. For those who want to track Santa Claus’ journey on Twitter, all that needs to be done is to follow @noradsanta.

NORAD Santa Claus

In order to learn more about the history of Google’s very own Santa Claus, check out the official Google blog to know just how symbolic this practice is. Google had become NORAD’s official Santa Tracking technology partner just last year. It was said that NORAD has reportedly been tracking Santa Claus’ whereabouts for around 50 years.

Santa Claus has been popular with kids and it now seems like the jolly fellow has evolved into more than just the stories that had been told to children years ago. Now, Santa Claus has gone digital and is now trackable via mobile phone or even Twitter.

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COVID-19 Christmas 2020

This move by NORAD is pretty in tune with the holiday as Christmas is fast approaching. This could also be a substitute for the traditional meeting Santa at the mall due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Although the COVID vaccine is here, it is still very less likely that it will be able to spread to the majority before Christmas.

The COVID-19 vaccine is still in its early cages and although it might be available for Christmas, it might not be able to reach every single individual in the United States. Due to this, Christmas this year might still have to be celebrated with caution and the best way to check out Santa Claus could be through going online instead of physically going to the mall.


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